Unapologetic - 3 day Brand Workshop


This 3 day bootcamp will help you…

Magnetise and attract your dream clients and customers without sacrificing your values and the things that you actually care deeply about. 

It’s going to help you MASTER YOUR MESSAGE.

It’s going to help you own WHO you ARE and WHAT YOU DO so that your audience sees value in the work you’re doing in the world and begs to pay you for it. 

Inside this 3 day branding workshop I’m going to help you break free from the matrix and make some f*king money already. 

  • Let me help you find out what that thing is deep within you that you’ve been hiding. The thing that’s actually going to help you find aligned clientele and get your message to them.
  • Let me help you have more FUN in your business and take the stress out of planning by giving you permission to simply BE the person you were created to be.


On the other side of exposing the real you is the job you’ve always wanted, the money you’ve always dreamed of, the clients you’ve always wanted, and the life you’ve been envisioning. 


*this offer is HST inclusive

$555.00 CAD