Imagine if the uncertainty of the world wasn’t a problem for you? 

Imagine you knew without a doubt that you could handle absolutely ANYTHING coming our way? 
Aliens, next month’s bills, societal charades, brave decisions…


Imagine if nothing could rock your ability to thrive in a world that’s ever changing?

Now more than ever it’s essential that you break free from your own self sabotage, let go of the stories that keep you stuck within society's limited idea of how you should live, and build your own foundation,. It’s time for you to pivot your brand, business and lifestyle so you can thrive in an era of survival.  

My mission is to teach you self-mastery techniques that set you FREE. To help you create exactly what you want in this lifetime regardless of how the world tells you to live. You will master your mindset, strengthen your body, fine tune your practices of personal power and positivity so that nothing can stop you from finding a way to thrive in your financial, personal + professional life.


ARE YOU READY to experience TRUE freedom? Who isn’t?

The biggest cages in life are the ones we create ourselves.

What would it feel like to purposefully create a life that gives you and your loved ones the tools to WIN?

...Pretty Damn Good.

My Story

During the pandemic I lost everything I had worked decades to build.
My yoga studio, my community, my income, and my inner peace. 

I went from successful to suffering overnight and here’s what it taught me:

We need to stop relying on outside sources to give us what we need, and step UP to the plate to become self-mastered beings who can RELY ON OURSELVES. 

Society is never going to “save us”... the strong ones will write our own happy endings.

We have everything we need within us… and no one (or world event) can take that away from us when we master our own leadership. 


With these lessons leading the way, I started to rebuild my foundation - and let me tell you - I am never looking back. I am thriving now in ways society didn’t want me to believe were possible - and I’m showing you how to do the same. 

  • Are you ready to wake up on purpose? 
  • Are you ready to activate a sense of self-discipline to get what you REALLY want? 
  • Are you ready to take your power back and build something that no one can break? 

The tools I teach you in my world rely on no one but YOU - which means that no one but YOU can stop you from having what you really want: the FREEDOM TO LIVE. 



Let’s get you living so deep in your truth that you are no longer distracted by their lies. 

The Sovereign CEO Membership

Self-Mastery and business coaching for the freedom minded entrepreneur.

We can’t do things the old way anymore. Life is evolving and it’s time for you and your work to evolve too. You’re going to need some new tools, a new outlook, new practices and a supportive space that can simplify this process for you.


Imagine having all the tools you need to stay grounded, clear, and focused on your mission as you are confronted with new challenges in the world? We all need a supportive space right now - and The Sovereign CEO Membership is it. A space that will help you meet new challenges and rise up with courage, authenticity, accountability and radical self trust. 

Are you ready to have the tools you need to stay grounded, clear, and focused on your mission as you are confronted with these new challenges in the world? 

THIS is FREEDOM, my friends. Commit to mastering your mission and there’s nothing that can stop you! 


1:1 Coaching

I help leaders, coaches, healers and sovereign CEOs master their mindset and create freedom lifestyles that align with their purpose.

Sound like you? I thought so! My work will help you become non-reactive, emotionally resilient, focused, goal oriented, positive AF with a renewed passion for what you’re here to create in this world. 

Let me help you shift from chaos to clarity as you bring your ideas to life.

My coaching is the difference between you dabbling and devoting yourself to your vision. The difference between the two is remarkable. 

How many of us dream of doing something different but never actually commit to sustained action? Almost everyone. A commitment to the investment in coaching is a commitment to getting what you want.



Read my story  ➝

I’m a self mastery coach and Sovereign CEO. I work with leaders, healers, coaches and soul-led entrepreneurs who want to master their mindset and create freedom lifestyles that align with their purpose. I’m obsessed with all things digital marketing, eastern wisdom, spirituality, soul-led entrepreneurship and matrix free living. I’m awake to the current agendas of the world but honestly, I am more interested in how our own personal narratives hold us back from rising up to meet our full potential. I love helping you get out of your own way so that you can identify your clear calling and create a clear plan of action to get more of what you want in life.



I want to know - what’s your goal?


Get strong AF, build optimal health, manage your energy, regulate your nervous system and commit to daily practices that help you WIN at life?



Become a SOVEREIGN CEO, build a matrix free business, break the narratives that hold you back, master your mindset, create a solid action plan for personal freedom with the support of an awakened community (all at a crazy accessible price point?)



Dive deep with VIP 1:1 mentorship and coaching for your life and business so you can create financial freedom, work that you fulfils you at a deep soul level, and total life alignment that you’re a “HELL YES” for, daily.


I’ve got you! Prepare to crush your goals and watch your life change…

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