Hi, I'm Karla.

I’ve got a big mission in life to help freedom minded entrepreneurs build their own road to freedom through self and business mastery. I’ve been deeply entrenched in my leadership work for two decades, successfully teaching + coaching thousands of students towards freedom in their bodies, lives and businesses. 

I’ve built multiple businesses from the ground up, studied with the very best coaches, healers and business mentors, healed myself from serious injuries, mental afflictions and have mastered the art of creating a life of total freedom through purposeful work, mindset work and human optimization.

I’ve figured out how to turn purposeful work into prosperous work for myself and others. I embrace radical authenticity as my superpower, and I use the body as the means to access my brain and energy to create total alignment in body, mind and business. 

To me, this is what it means to be a soul-led entrepreneur and it lights me up to work with those who want it too! If that’s you - then I’d say you’re in the right place.


My Story

During the pandemic I lost everything I had worked decades to build.
 My yoga studio, my community, my income, and my inner peace. 

I went from successful to suffering overnight and here’s what it taught me:

We need to stop relying on outside sources to give us what we need, and step UP to the plate to become self-mastered beings who can RELY ON OURSELVES. 

Society is never going to “save us”... the strong ones will write our own happy endings.

We have everything we need within us… and no one (or world event) can take that away from us when we master our own leadership. 


With these lessons leading the way, I started to rebuild my foundation - and let me tell you - I am never looking back. I am thriving now in ways society didn’t want me to believe were possible - and I’m showing you how to do the same. 

  • Are you ready to wake up with clarity and a passion to bring these things to life?
  • Are you ready to finally practice self-discipline to get what you REALLY want?
  • Are you ready to take your power back and build something that no one can break?

The tools I teach you in my world rely on no one but YOU - which means that no one but YOU can stop you from having what you really want: the FREEDOM TO LIVE. 



Let’s get you living so deep in your purpose that you are no longer distracted by anything the world throws at you. Let’s get you into action so you do the things that create abundance and stability in your life.

Here are some of the biggest shifts (and ultimately upgrades) in my life: 

  • Healing myself from years of depression, anxiety and inflammatory illness (without pills) taught me how to tap into my own personal power by way of my daily practices, body work, energy work and mindset work. 
  • Parenting and marriage has taught me the importance of relational dynamics, energy management, honesty, clarity, love and alignment in life and business. 
  • Learning how to work with my ADHD, learning how to focus and strategize my business, learning how to do business “my way” instead of how I was being taught and getting clear with how I wanted to live and work taught me the importance of self study, strategy, tools, nervous system regulation, mindfulness and business coaching.
  • Owning a brick and mortar yoga studio taught me about the importance of creating  purposeful work, community and pursuing our clear calling. 
  • Losing my brick and mortar yoga studio to endless nonsensical lockdowns, my online community and my income taught me the importance of radical authenticity, integrity, courage and faith during uncertain times. 
  • Rebuilding my business, my life and creating my unique dream freedom lifestyle taught me the importance of personal responsibility, a sovereign mindset, self mastery, aligned action, mentorship and self trust. 
  • Working with my dream coaching clients has taught me the importance of strategic client attraction, deep listening, tailored approaches to mentorship (instead of strict methodologies


I have obsessively studied holistic health practices, marketing and business, nlp, coaching techniques, breathwork, eastern wisdom practices, meditation, psychology and more.

I have studied with the very best teachers and coaches from around the world and am dedicated to lifelong pursuit of all things human optimization. I always have a curated coach, a therapist, and a mentor (because I love being in the work) and I only invest in and take advice from... the very best.

Fun Facts About Me!

  • I live on a rural island on a beautiful lake and take a ton of time off to play and travel with my family.
  • We’re setting ourselves up to be free from the matrix in work, life and business.
  • We hunt, fish and grow food. Go on wild adventures in the woods, fly to different lakes in our little bush plane and we boat almost everywhere we go.
  • My husband and I love to do what we call “real travelling.” No resorts, real living, lots of adventures and that has taken us to some wild places across the globe with our two young girls. 



While this may not be exactly what your dream looks like, I’m sharing this with you to prove that there really are no rules. Not in life. Not in business. You get to create whatever YOU want to create - and together, we’re going to make it happen.

I can’t wait to get to know you and watch you ride the highway of freedom once you nail this whole self-mastery thing ;) 



Let’s have a conversation. Let’s talk about your goals and what you need to achieve them.