FREEDOM Through Self Mastery




For the Sovereign CEO

Most people talk a big game about changing the world, creating a freedom lifestyle or creating a ripple through soul-led entrepreneurship.

They talk-the-talk but haven’t mastered their own bad habits in a way that allows them to walk-the-walk. 

Let’s be honest - how can you change the world if you can’t even wake up at the time you said you would? 

Let’s start by changing your world so you can change the world at large. You ready for it? 

This is not a “you” problem - it’s an everyone problem.

Life is busy and most of us have never been taught the kind of self awareness that is required to restore the power of choice in our lives. That’s what you and I will do together.

You no longer have to THINK ABOUT, ENDLESSLY DAYDREAM OR MANIFEST your big goals - you get to touch, feel and experience them with your own two hands. 

  • Imagine having a crystal clear vision for what you actually want and what you need to do to get there.
  • Imagine knowing exactly what holds you back from feeling and achieving what you want and knowing how to eradicate these stubborn blocks 
  • Imagine fearlessly pushing past resistance to change your life once and for all
  • Imagine taking all the puzzle pieces, obsessive overthinking and chaos of your life and creating a simple blueprint to live your clear calling



Create energetic and restorative practices for the different seasons of your life so that you finally feel good in your body year-round and have the energy to do what life’s been calling you to do.


Uncover your own personal narratives, self sabotage and belief systems that are keeping you stuck in repetitive mediocrity, excessive busyness, chaos and confusion.


You’re meant for more. You’re looking at this webpage right now because you feel that. You’re here to make an impact. To be a contribution. I feel that, you feel that too. I want you to feel deeply connected to this life and your place in the world. This is where you return to wholeness. Where you find your clear calling.

Is This You?

  • You are motivated, self led and willing to do the work to get what you want
  • You’re open and willing to embrace self exploration and humble enough to receive loving but direct honest feedback (hello discomfort)
  • You love the intersection between spirituality, logic and structure
  • You’re willing to take risks and step outside of your comfort zone to get what you want
  • You’re tired of doing it all alone and desire high level mentorship that makes this process of eradicating victimhood, negativity, chaos and confusion a little easier
  • You're willing to accept and celebrate the love and success that you’ve always wanted
  • You’re over “thinking about the thing”, dancing around what you want or dipping your toes in the water only to pull back at the last minute and are ready to DEVOTE yourself to your desires
  • You’re ready to shake up the people pleasing, perfectionism and other self sabotaging techniques so you can finally get what you really want

The best thing I’ve ever done for my life and business was hire a coach.

It was scary AF at first because that kind of investment means something. It means you’re ready to put your money where your mouth is. It means you’re serious. 

It means you’re ready to win and do whatever it takes to get what you want.



Help you identify and release old limiting beliefs so your past doesn’t stop you from creating your future.

Identify and finally release those bad habits so you can start building the confidence and self trust you need to handle the big stuff in life.

Free you from procrastination, fear, doubt, and inaction so you can finally do the work you were meant to do in this world

Clear your energetic blocks so you feel vibrant and alive again

Move you from false assumptions and beliefs to honest truths and massive realizations.

Shift you from overwhelm and burnout to clear and calm focussed work which make you feel time rich again.

Help you blast past the fear that keeps you just hovering around your goals and quantum leap you into levels of personal success.

Help you identify your greatness, your expertise and your purpose so you wake up inspired and on fire for life.

Identify your values, your gifts and your uniqueness and how to use that to serve others.

Create blueprints and strategies that help you create more income and impact so you don’t just think about “the thing” you actually accomplish it.

Assist you in empowered decision making and creating healthy relationships that fill your cup, instead of drain you.

Help you find the courage to change your life and spark massive JOY


That I am lovingly direct, because clarity is kind. I’m not an “advice-giver” but a deep sea diver. I dig into your thought processes and words and pull out what you can’t see for yourself. I listen for what you want and I help you get that. Sometimes that’s fun and easy….and sometimes it’s provoking. I’m not an accountability partner because you’re already committed to the work when you join this container. 

I don’t use a strict methodology because I show up empty and ready to receive what you give me. I do pull from a wide variety of tools and practices that can elevate your thinking, your mood and your business. 

I expect your full attention and for you to show up on time. Calls are face to face on zoom. I bring all of me and I expect all of you. Full transparency, energy and honesty so we can co-create what you're looking for.

Why hire a coach?

People hire coaches for a wide variety of reasons. They may feel lost and need clear direction because the way they have been doing things just isn’t working anymore. They might want the accountability of answering to a mentor that will give them clear action steps and tools. They might desire a neutral thinking partner that is outside of their close circle of friends and family that they can lean on for guidance. Or they might want to learn from someone who has already achieved that thing that they’re working towards.

When is the right time to invest in a coach?

 You’ll know when the time is right, but you won’t necessarily feel “ready”. Don’t let that stop you from moving towards what you want. 

The right time to start this work is when you’re stuck, frustrated, overly busy, drowning in chaos, or directionless. Why? 

Because the work we do together will help you find clarity, get unstuck, make progress, ditch the busyness, find your ground, and put your head on straight. You will think clearer, align with your vision, and take direct actions that result in what you want. You will restore the power of choice, pivot your actions and connect back to those things that make you feel calm and in control of your life again. 

Who doesn’t need that from time to time?



Let’s have a conversation. Let’s talk about your goals and what you need to achieve them. 

Then let's get SOVEREIGN, CEO.