Business Mastery Mastermind



Accelerate your Impact and Results


A three month group mastermind for freedom seeking entrepreneurs who desire to refine their brand, build an aligned business model and master the art of sales and content strategy.

This is where your clear calling becomes a radical success. 

You have the vision, the brand, the business… but something is missing. 

You’re ready to give more of your time and energy because you know that your creation is the thing that’s going to change your life... and theirs. 

You’re ready to build bigger, achieve more and get the serious results you’ve been looking for (without the hustle or stress that you think it takes to get there).


There has never been a better time to commit to your mission.

Refine your business model and brand, and get the results that align with the vision you have for your sovereign life. If your current business has you overworked, has you building new cages for yourself or is capping your income potential…it’s time for a new way.

In this Mastermind:

You will learn how to create crystal clear content that converts and attracts the right people

You’ll unlock higher levels of mindset mastery so you can scale and effortlessly bring in higher cash months. 

You’ll learn my unique process for attracting my dream clients into my space and bringing in effortless sales all without the hustle, stress and struggle that comes from using strict methodologies of the past.


Here's what my

Master Your Mission Mastermind

Students Say


Inside MASTER YOUR MISSION, you will:

Get clear on WHO you are and what you’re here to do

Release shame, people pleasing and self sabotaging patterns that they don’t get a seat at your table anymore

Clarify your brand message, vision and mission so that you know exactly what to create and how to communicate it

Create magnetizing copy and content that connects with your perfect client

Build an aligned business model that fits with your lifestyle AND gets you the results you want

Master the art of staying steady in the face of uncertainty, criticism, rejection, failure and fear

Shatter your resistance around showing up consistently and selling regularly

Fine tune a simple strategy that makes sense for you and let go of how everybody else does it

Create blueprints and strategies that help you create more income and impact so you don’t just think about “the thing” you actually accomplish it.


Inside the business mastery mastermind, you will experience FREEDOM, BABY.

Freedom, BABY.

Financial freedom 

Freedom lifestyle. 

Freedom to show up AS YOU ARE.

Freedom from the system. 

Freedom to CHOOSE your own unique way forward.

I want FREEDOM in my life NOW

What's the template for mastermind?

  • 2 x 90 Minute Group Coaching and Strategy Calls a Month
  • Private community and Voxer Chat with High Achieving Entrepreneurs
  • Private members-only portal with all recordings
  • Weekly Work Edits
    Weekly Voxer Co-Working Days
  • Includes my Sovereign CEO Membership
  • Includes The Practice Digital Wellness Studio
  • Includes my Monthly High Value Workshops


$3333 or 3 payments $1277 CDN

Upgrade to VIP with additional private coaching $6,000 CDN or 3 payments of $2166 CDN

Includes x 1 VIP 1:1 90 minute session per month + one full Voxer coaching day 

Ready to jump in? We start July 2, 2024.


The Power of The Group

A Mastermind or Group Coaching Accelerator is Exactly What you Need if…

  • You desire more confidence and skill in articulating what you do and how you do it
  • You want to be able to break through the resistance of showing up, selling and offering new programs and services that stretch what you currently feel is possible for you
  • You want to know that you have a crystal clear strategy for your offers and content for the next 3, 6, 12 months and beyond

The feelings of confidence, clarity and self trust you need to run a successful business won’t just show up eventually. They’re on the other side of you facing your fears and discomfort head on.

Inside this mastermind, you’ll experience yourself on a whole new level and rise to meet your success.

Masterminds are POWERFUL 

Nothing will expedite your success like facing your fears, putting yourself out there, putting your money where your mouth is and learning from a GROUP of high achievers. Each level of my personal success has been reached through self investment in coaching, group programs and masterminds.

A high value mastermind like MASTER YOUR MISSION will:

  • Take you from throwing spaghetti at the wall to a focused, strategic plan that is dissected and perfected within the container.
  • Help you build the kind of self trust, confidence and articulation required to have a successful business. 
  • Help you discover and unblock your limiting narratives and behavioural circles that are keeping you right where you are right now.
  • Hold you accountable, have you look at your own self sabotage, have you shine a light on your narratives and projections that you like to pretend don’t exist.
  • Help you learn what is and what isn’t the right path forward for you as you learn from the entire group, their questions and their hot seat coaching.  

In this 3 Month Value Packed Mastermind I will: 

  • Help you identify your clear calling and your unique voice in this world
  • Create clear goals for yourself and a simple strategy that will support them
  • Help you build a personalized aligned business model and offer suite 
  • Help you refine your message, your brand, your copy and content 
  • Eradicate mindset blocks around money, selling, people pleasing, resistance and fear
  • Help you scale, grow or launch your offers 
  • Teach you how to strategically attract your dream clients 
  • Support you in creating a system that is sustainable, profitable and fun for you

This is for you if...

  • You already have an established business idea but you’re ready to refine, strategize, rebrand or scale. 
  • You desire the benefits of both a mentor and a group of highly motivated entrepreneurs 
  • You are ready to COMMIT. That means showing up to the live calls, doing the workbooks, participating in the chats and making the most out of this high intensity experience. 
  • You get that it's now or never time to grow this business of yours and stop playing games.
  • You finally understand that there’s no way around pushing yourself to do those scary things you’ve been avoiding and it’s time to finally hold yourself accountable to the action steps that get you progress. 
  • You’re ready to believe that you deserve a seat at the table of wild success and abundance and are ready to go pro.
  • You like being led by someone wildly entertaining, being surrounded by other awake entrepreneurs on the same mission as you and you’re ready to make work fun and exciting again.

How it works:

We meet biweekly on Wednesdays (time TBA) for 90-120 minutes for live hot seat coaching beginning July 3, 2024.
Our calls will have a focused topic and discussion followed by hot seat coaching where you will be encouraged to bring your questions on all things marketing, offer creation, strategy, business, money and client creation  
Every Wednesday you will be encouraged to interact in our private co-working Voxer space 9-5 CT by sharing your work for review including your content, messaging, questions, offer suite, email sequences... you name it. 
For the duration of the mastermind you will have full 24/7 access to my membership The Sovereign CEO, my digital studio The Practice (the body is ground zero y’all), my monthly high value workshops and in between call work edits via email.
24/7 you will have access to the private intimate group chat within Voxer where you can interact with your peers.

Are you ready to commit to your mission?

1 Payment of $3333

3 Month Mastermind
Includes Everything above.





3 Month Mastermind
Includes Everything above.




Need Clarity on Anything?

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