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A digital wellness studio with daily practices for personal power.

Your body is ground zero. Are you ready to defy the odds and become stronger than ever during a time of collective uncertainty?

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I don't know everything, but I do know this: You ARE your daily practices.


This is where the MAGIC happens. 

The practices that you commit to daily are the sum of your entire existence: your energy, your mood, your ability to self-regulate, your libido, drive, and success. 

  • They help you become more powerful and capable by teaching you discipline, commitment, and self-mastery. 
  • Your practices are what help you move and create positive energy to apply to your big vision. You can’t build the dream if your body is tired. 
  • They help you stay grounded and rooted when life throws curveballs at you – which it will. 
  • They help you become emotionally resilient, sound, and regulated. 

Quite frankly… your personal practices will remind you who the F*CK you are. (A reminder that we all need from time to time.) 


Why does this matter?

We are energy and if we don’t know how to move it, shift it or create more of the kind of energy we want…..we get stuck. 

Stuck is where most people live. Burnout, nervous system dysregulation, digestive issues, adrenal fatigue, poor sex drive, bad sleep, brain fog, excessive stress, anxiety, depression and pain in the body are all signs that you need to change how you move your energy and how you live in your body. 

The body is GROUND ZERO, so let’s start building success from the ground up.


The Practice is a digital wellness studio with movement and mental health practices that will help you…

Manage and move your energy. Decrease your stress. Build a healthier, stronger body. Release pain and physical blocks that weigh you down. Spark joy for a committed daily practice again.

Hi, I'm Karla, your guide

Yoga teacher trainer, breath work guide, meditation facilitator, mobility coach and fitness instructor.

In my late teens I obsessively worked out and ate very little. I would do long runs and would go to the gym very late at night. I was on a mission to be thin at any cost. Working out became an obsession with numbers. How many calories burned, how many seconds on the treadmill, how many sizes down. I would slug energy drinks just to keep going - not realizing that I was burning myself down rather than building myself UP. 

Exercise and diet at this time was all about looking a certain way and it led me to a decade of disordered eating and anxiety. 

When I was 21 I went to my first yoga class, and I was floored. That first class was in a hot studio and it was HARD. But there was something new for me there… 

This practice was all about how I felt, and it gave little attention to what I looked like. My heart exhaled, and for the first time in years I felt a sense of relief, the same way you will when you join The Practice. 

I didn't know I could feel that way – and I certainly didn't know there were things inside of me that needed to be honoured, seen, and moved. This is when I first started tapping into what my body and soul needed energetically. 

I was 22 when I got my first 200hr yoga teacher training certificate. I started teaching the exact same day I finished that training, and I’ve since completed thousands of hours training in all things movement, yoga, eastern wisdom, mobility, energy healing, breathwork and meditation. 

Everything included inside The Practice digital studio has helped me heal depression, anxiety attacks, scoliosis, inflammatory conditions, and digestive issues. Yoga and breathwork have been a huge part of my journey, but so have movement practices like pilates, mobility work and weight lifting - which is why I’ve included a variety of practices to support you wherever you’re at on your journey. 

“I’ve learned to pay attention to my body. I’ve learned to watch my energy and choose my daily practices based on what I need, not necessarily what I want.”

Are you aware of what your body actually needs right now? This kind of awareness and personal power will create the feeling of freedom in your body that you’ve been seeking. 

What kind of results can you expect in The Practice

  • Restore your energy Reduce stress and overwhelm
  • Help you move through emotions, moods and return to your center
  • Help you burn through stuck or stagnant energy
  • Build up your energy, capacity and physical strength so that you can feel capable more often (even through the toughest of times)
  • Help you flow through the seasons of life in a feel good state

Committing to classes in The Practice will leave you feeling deeply connected to your body and heart centre – you will meet your truth here.  

You’ll feel more powerful because you’ll learn how to breathe and self regulate when things are challenging. You’ll learn how to self heal. You’ll learn how to slow down and restore yourself. And you’ll learn how to choose practices wisely for yourself on a daily basis.

Elevated living starts here. You’ll feel more energized, vibrant, resilient and strong when you join The Practice.



I started practicing yoga with Karla in person prior to the onset of the pandemic. One of the aspects of her studio that kept me returning regularly was its friendly community feel and she has translated that experience beautifully to an online class. I have attended other yoga classes which made me feel like I got a workout, but Karla’s sessions are the first to give me a sense of what yoga can really accomplish for me: becoming a healthier and happier person. Karla uses a holistic approach and strikes a nice balance between building strength, generating energy, calming the mind and refreshing my attitude. Karla’s relaxed demeanor, her fun and positive attitude bring me back to yoga even on days when I don’t particularly feel like getting on my mat. I show up because I feel confident that no matter what my state of mind or body is prior to class, I will end the session feeling more like the person I want to be.


"I have practiced at studios from small town BC to downtown Toronto, no one else has had such a meaningful impact on my practice as Karla. In the three years I’ve been practicing with her she has constantly grown, and inspired me to grow and learn with her, this has also translated to graciously growing through the pandemic, and the ongoing struggles associated with that. Her classes are all physically and spiritually integrated, and after every class I am always so aware of how much better I feel physically; in addition, to leaving her classes feeling lighter and with my shoulders set slightly more back and down. Thank you Karla for everything you have done, and continue to do, for our community and your students."

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