The Sovereign CEO Membership

Self-Mastery and a business coaching container for the freedom minded entrepreneur.

We can’t do things the old way anymore. Life is evolving and it’s time for you and your work to evolve too. You’re going to need some new tools, a new outlook, new practices and a supportive space that can simplify this process for you.

Imagine having all the tools to…

  • Build a digital business and brand that you actually love and makes money?
  • Easily attract the kind of people that you’re thrilled to work and spend your time with?
  • Tap into your creative genius and build what you need more efficiently?
  • Create rock solid daily habits that move the needle forward faster so you get your time back? 
  • Generate damn good money for your digital biz so you can finally say “see ya later” to that desk job that you hate?
  • Kick self sabotage, people pleasing, distraction and chaos to the curb?
  • Have fun at work again because you love what you do and you know how to get paid well for it.

The Sovereign CEO will give you all the tools you need to stay clear, focused and on fire for your mission as you are confronted with new challenges in the world. This is the supportive and interactive space that will give you the practical + essential tools you need right now to build a digital business and a life of fulfilment and impact.

THIS is FREEDOM, my friends. Commit to mastering your mission and there’s nothing that can stop you! 


The Sovereign CEO is my exclusive digital business coaching container

for awake freedom minded entrepreneurs who want to thrive in this time of radical uncertainty.

You’re ready to make a difference… and make bank.

It’s now or never time to create an unapologetic life. It’s time to break free from those things that keep most in fear and mediocrity and access the tools that will help you transform your life and business for the better. 

Oh… and the community inside? Probably the nicest, coolest, awake humans you’ve ever met. 


This is a very special time if you let it.

This can be a time of massive growth and expansion for you! It’s never been easier to build and market a business, creating more impact and income than you ever thought possible in the past. 

The Sovereign CEO gives you all the practical tools, strategy and creative templates you need to create a digital nomad life. All the deep inner work you need to build a life of fulfilment and impact. And all the support networks you need to feel motivated, capable, and connected.

Imagine having all the tools at your fingertips that you need to:

  • Build a brand and business that feels good in your bones because it’s aligned with your value system and the solutions you’re here to bring to life 
  • Develop simple strategies for content creation, sales and workflows 
  • Scale your business and grow your social media reach 
  • Create full life alignment free from stress, hustle culture and distraction 
  • Manage your time and energy well so you spend less time working and more time living
  • Kick self sabotage, people pleasing and self doubt to the curb 
  • Create damn good money in your business
  • Lead your life with more freedom and ease

Self mastery is your road to personal freedom.

The Sovereign CEO will help you build unshakeable self trust and masterful skills. It will help you get your spark back, uncomplicate your life, refocus your attention and get you the results that you’ve been looking for.

“I want to show you how you can create a life that you’re excited to wake up for because you have a clear calling and you are awake to your own personal power.”

Your Journey in The Sovereign:


Free yourself from self limiting beliefs and narratives that betray you. Commit to practices of self mastery and learn skills and essential tools that will move you forward faster in life and business. Manage your time and energy well. Kick your habits to the curb. Simplify life and business and restore the power of choice in your life.


What is that thing that you’re meant to bring to life? How do you create a life of fulfilment and impact? It’s time to make a difference and make bank. I love helping soul-led entrepreneurs create work that they actually love, connect with their dream clients, build brands that align with their values all while 10xing their impact and income.


Stay on target each and every week with strategic planning, simple strategies for your content and sales, live hot seat coaching, next level tools and plug and play templates for your biz.


  • You desire the kind of discipline that it takes to start a business or create your dream lifestyle but you keep falling just short of it 
  • You want to make a difference in the world but you’re still battling your own bad habits and are starting to doubt yourself 
  • You understand that being awake is a GIFT and you’re ready to use that information to change your life 
  • You want to feel like a sovereign badass, untouchable by the system but feel limited by time, finances and maybe even the place that you live
  • You know you need to level up, get healthier, make more money, connect with aligned community but the options seem so endless it’s hard to get started
  • You desire simple solutions, practices and tools that will create the motivation, willpower and mental clarity you’ve been looking for
  • You want to be surrounded by really good humans who share your values and desire the same kind of autonomy, inner peace and resilience 

The Sovereign CEO is your home, community and solution for an uncertain world.

We give you all the tools you need to master your mindset, build prosperous work that you actually love and connect with other amazing humans that inspire you to stay committed to your mission.

What to expect

  • Live group coaching for your life and business every single week.
  • Live workshops with the very best experts in self and business mastery each and every month.
  • My signature Self Mastery School that takes you from confusion to your clear calling 
  • Monthly content creation co-working days
  • 24/7 access to all previously recorded workshops and coaching calls (come live or take us on the road with you using the kajabi app)
  • Simple, easy to use resources like pdfs, checklists and short videos you can draw from whenever you need
  • 24/7 accountability support in our private online circle community 

When you are living on purpose, rooted, focused, healthy and connected to community… you can do anything.

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